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Take up the presnt highlights of your space and create new moods, elegant lighting concepts and enthusiastic looks. Discover exceptional products handcrafted and made from the highest quality materials.

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#woodlamp #naturematerials

Verpackung weiss weiss 2.png

Natural | Timeless | Load function 


#livequiet #loveyourdesign

001 A.jpg

Highlight lighting | High quality fabric selection | Acoustic room solution

Illuminated Coral

#3Ddesign #interestingmaterials

D3S_6026 gg schatten 1.jpg

New Shapes | 3 dimensional designs 

Illuminated Circle

#high quality #aluminum

Timeless and minimalistic forms that impress with their elegance and calm.

D3S_6047weiss w 2 neu ok ok_edited_edite

STUCK profiles

#interiordesign #indirectlight

Transform your space and create a calm and pleasant atmosphere.


LED stripes & amp; accessories

#led #controlling

LED technology of the highest quality and flexibility.

Simple controls.

led stripe.jpg

Special custom construction

#yourdesign #yourmaterials

Special shapes & objects in a wide range of materials on the customer´s request.

D3S_8236 ok.jpg


#innovativelamp #longfieldlight

Elegant design paired with effective LED technology as well as flexibility and quick assemblance.

D3S_8433 bb.jpg


#high powered #floodlight

Highly efficient LED luminaires for floodlight and industrial applications.

Customizable through various control and mounting options. 

Flutlichtkopf neu 2.jpg
image004 ss f.jpg


#solarlight #newlightgeneration

Latest photovoltaic technology with Sensor technology for intelligent controlling and monitoring.

Why products from holist

Before buying, think about the manufacture, production process and sustainability of our products for future generations and the planet. Protect your environment and choose with care, paying attention to detail. Only in this way does a product have the value it deserves.

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