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Our strengths in the area of service and development.


Professional & quick planning of your electrical work in the areas of:

Installation | Control cabinet construction | Automation

 Network (IT) - SAT

We inspire, plan and implement projects with you. In cooperation with our partners, we are able to carry out all competences in your project professionally.

Light & architecture planning 

Day lamp; artificial light planning for interiors, exteriors and facades

We plan and design with you. You will be fascinated by our possibilities in LED and control technology, as well as by the designs of new architectural objects or conversions.


Installation of your planned wishes 

Internal Specialists | partner companies

The installation is carried out by our team and in cooperation with our partners, with whom we are in constant contact and coordinate with our customers.

Industrial service 4.0

Control cabinet construction | Automation 

Suggested solutions based on Industry 4.0 

We wire your control cabinet according to standards and plan your new automated system with and for you. In order to integrate more comfort, control and security into your processes, we find the most updated Industry 4.0 solutions for your company and not only increase productivity but also reduce the margin of error. 

Computer Circuit Board Makro

Circuit board development & control technology

PCB development | control development

From the vision to the finished PCB. We support you with planning work, optimizing circuits and following along your ideas from the prototype to series production.


Microcontroller Programming | Industrial Programming | WIFI technology

Your hardware still needs the "know how?" No problem, we bring your project to life and program processes or controls according to your specifications and wishes.

Bei der Arbeit

Store management 

wall boxes | store systems

Are you interested in a wall box for your electric or hybrid car? We will be happy to tell you about the possibilities and funding available.

For companies and cities, we also offer networked e-mobility systems in combination with renewable energies and efficient lighting concepts from our company.

Photovoltaics & Renewable Energies 

Sustainable | Climate neutral |  Future-oriented 

We inform you about photovoltaics in order to create ecological and environmentally conscious solutions for future generations, as well as to guarantee added value and the further development of renewable energies.  With our partners you will be accompanied from the planning to the finished feeding system at a fair price.

Redaktionellen Gestaltung

Creative change in all areas

Websites | social media | Print & digital media | photography

Publicitary documents, digital media, product photographs and websites are a part of our auxcillary services. This is a part of a holistic concept to modernizing a company. We are happy to support you in order to create a greater reach for your brand, your product or your company.

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